Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Class Party

Yesterday, I was in Michaels, what else is new :), picking up some things for my daughters' valentine's day class parties.  Yes, in a moment of weakness, I said I would be class parent for both of their classes.  I won't be doing that next year!  Anyway, I found some really fun things.  My thoughts then turned to what the activities would be.  I really wanted activities that would be appropriate for both 1st graders and 4th graders.

There were candy hearts everywhere and I know the kids like them.  So I brought a ton, some for the candy boxes but not quite sure what else I was going to do with them.    My oldest wanted to make a tower out of them and give a prize for the tallest one. All I could think of was the hearts just tumbling all over the classroom floor.  We might have to think of something else!

To my total delight, I was jumping for joy when I came across One Charming Party's blog last night. Their post was about Valentine's Day class party activities.  How serendipitous!!!!  I plan on using the first two activities, as they will use up all those candy hearts I bought.  I nearly died of laughter when one of the activities was actually a candy hearts tower.  My daughter was so proud of herself when I showed it to her.  "See mommy, it WAS a GOOD idea!"  Indeed,  it was!

picture courtesy of One Charming Party

In fact, over the next few days One Charming Party will be posting 8 activities that you can do in the classroom.  Just don't forget to check with your child's teacher and make sure it's OK with them!  These activities are also great if you're planning a Valentine's Day party at home too.

SO...... knowing there are other Class Parents trying to figure out what to do for Valentine's Day...I am sharing their ideas!  This might win you Class Parent of the Year Award.  Just give a shout out to Madly Stylish Events in your acceptance speech :)!  I will post some of the activities here, but checkout their out their site to see them all!

Tower of love:  This is shown in the picture above.  Have the students build a tower with the candy hearts.  Tower must stand for three seconds and the person with the tallest tower is the winner.  

This one is called chopstick pick-up:  Give each table a bowl of candy hearts and a each student a pair of chopsticks.  Using the chopsticks have them fill a small cup with the hearts.  The one with the most wins.  I know funds are limited for these parties, so I recommend going to your local Chinese take-out and asking them to donate some.  Parents might have some laying around at home too.

picture courtesy of One Charming Party

Above, to the right is the list of activities to come; stay tuned tomorrow for find your heart mate and guesstimation!   I'll also share some of my Michaels finds that I'll be using for my class parties and you might find useful too!

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