Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Snacks for Class Parties

Halloween is almost synonymous with candy!  Given that,  I thought I'd put together an array of healthy snacks the kids can enjoy in between the sugar rush that they'll be experiencing!  So here goes:

Candy Corn Veggies with Ranch dip (pic via Pinterest)
Franks and Bolts (pic via
Juice box mummies

Apple bites

Spooky Smoothies

Mini caramel apples

these would be great for teacher's gifts! (via Pinterest)

this one does include a super cute owl cupcakes but I think the fruit kabobs and the spidery cheese and crackers make up for it!  (One Charming Party)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Games for Class Parties

With Halloween comes the first class party of the school if you are the class parent, then you need to start thinking about what will you do.  Well, no worries, I am bringing you decor, games, and snacks that you can use for your class parties. Today's post will feature games the kids can play in class.
Tomorrow will be fun and healthy snacks; Friday will be decor!

Here are some ideas....

Candy Corn Guessing Games

This is an all time many candy corns are in the jar?  Shake it, roll it around, and hope you guess right!  This is super easy.........find a clear jar and fill it with candy corn.  Empty the jar out into a bowl and count the candy corn., refill the jar with the counted candy corn.  The child who guesses the closest number wins the jar and get to take it home.  A plastic jar is best for little hands!

Ghost Busters
via Pinterest

I found this game a little while ago while surfing the net and can't remember where but I thought it would be a fun game.   This is a relay race game that gets the kids moving!  Make sure to check with your child's teacher to see if you can play this has you will need a little running room.   

Unfold and lay out a single sheet of tissue on a table. Place the balloon in the center of the tissue wrapping paper.Create balloon ghosts. You'll need small balloons (like water balloons) and white tissue wrapping paper or large white paper napkins. Blow up an entire bag of balloons.
Gather the tissue around the balloon and tie a ribbon around the base of the balloon to create a head and body of a ghost.
Line up two chairs so that the children can burst their ghosts.  Place all the ghosts you created in a large box or tub about 30 feet from where the kids' chairs are. Then create a "dead ghost" box for each team. You can place them where you like, but make sure that the distance between this box and where the "live ghost" box is the same for each team.
Divide the players into two teams. Each team lines up behind the respective chairs. Then you start the relay race.
The first player runs to grab a ghost from the box. He or she must run back to the chair and burst the ghost by sitting on it.
After the player has burst the ghost, the next player takes the ghost and puts it in the team's box, then runs to get his or her ghost. He or she brings it back to the chair and bursts it. This continues until all of the ghosts are burst.
The team who bursts the most ghosts wins the race!

Donuts on A String

What kids doesn't like donuts?!  This is one fun game and I'm giving you two options depending on your class set up.

Option #1
Tie a very long string around a donut and fasten the other end of the string to a very sturdy ceiling hook or fixture.  The donut needs to be just above the contestant's head. The object is for the player to eat the donut using his or her teeth only (no hands). The player must jump for the donut.

 courtesy of Tiffany Boerner

Option #2
Use one long piece of string and string 10-12 donuts through it.  Have two adults hold each end of the string and hold it above the kids head.  Space out the donuts and have the kids try eating the donuts with their hands behind their backs and using just their mouths.  In both options, the winner is the one who finishes first and the prize is the eaten donut!!

Here's a game for the that the pre-school set can also enjoy!

Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin


Much like pin the tail on the donkey, except this time it's a nose and a pumpkin!  Choose a very large pumpkin; you can make it out of cardstock or just buy one.  Make sure the eyes nose and mouth are large and clear.

Give each player a triangle shaped nose with their names written on it.  Blind-fold each kid, spin them around , point them towards the pumpkin and have them "pin" the nose.  The child who gets closest to the nose wins.

I'd love to know what games you played and how your party went, so please leave a comment!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

EXTRA EXTRA: Read all about this Baby Shower

Things have been slow on the blog as I am busy with several parties, a bridal show and working on the new website......all good things so I'm not complaining.  It does mean however, that something has to take a back seat and in this case, it's my blog.  But today I had to bring you this baby shower worth writing about.  I love the newsprint, vintage theme and how nicely it was carried throughout, the dessert table, and, of course,  the various shades of grey that were used.  You know I love grey!

This shower was thrown for the co-owner of Layla Grayce, which is filled with beautiful items for your home, great gifts, and lots more!  If you're looking for something unique, be sure to check them out.  Here are some pics from the shower.  Styled by Sara Westbrook Designs, you'll find lots of inspiration if you're looking to throw a baby shower, whether it's a boy or girl!!

There are lots more pics on their blog! So be sure to check them out!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wedding Shoes To Die For

Happy Friday, my lovely readers!  Things are a little out of sync here as I am busy working on my new website.  Did I tell you I'm getting a new website :) ???  Yes, I am getting a new website and beyond thrilled!!!   This process has given me a new appreciation for the sites that I love.  It is hard work!!!...and I'm not even doing the technical or design part.  I'm just providing text and pictures.  But still, I must approve the logo, the design, the color palette, the fonts used, etc.  Anyway, I digress...I will have a separate post on the process of creating a new website.

Right now, I'm  taking a break to bring you some fabulous shoes that you can rock on your wedding day.  Take a look, and I think you'll agree!!  Which would you wear?  Although, I don't think you need to be a bride to wear these.

these glittery gems are from Kate Spade...

these, of course,  are Christian Louboutin

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{GIVEAWAY} Halloween Party Set

We're celebrating our 500th fan on Facebook!  But as you can see, we are waayyy past 500 fans now, so a Giveaway is definitely in order.

Since Halloween is around the corner, I thought it would be great to kickstart your Halloween party planning by offering a Halloween Party Set.  I am so excited I wish I could enter!!!  We've got some fab vendors who have contributed to this giveaway.  I'll give you a little info about each and then tell you how to enter the giveaway!

First up, in no particular order, is Anders Ruff Custom Design:  These super talented ladies are the go to for great invites and party printables.  The winner gets to choose one of their Halloween Collections !!

Well, you need some goodies to go with your party, right!  We've got couture cookies from the Allyson Jane.  Yes, a dozen custom designed Halloween cookies.....have you seen her cookies?  Gorgeous and delicious!!

It gets better...what's a party without some brownies and cake pops.  Well, Charynn of Two Sugar Babies is including a $25 gift certificate for you to deck out your cupcakes, cake, and/or cake pops!

Cake topper
brownie topper

cake pop topper
cake pop topper

Next we've got CupKate's Events with a dozen push pop containers and super-cute orange stripped straws!

To round up our vendors we've Edible Details.....with some BOO-licious cupcake toppers:


1.  {REQUIRED} Are you a fan of Madly Stylish Events on Facebook? If not, become one here and "like" our page! If you are a new fan, please say hello on my Facebook wall. Then come back here and let me know that you did.

2. {REQUIRED} Become a fan of each vendor on Facebook.  Feel free to leave some love on their page letting them know you're coming from Madly Stylish Events: Halloween Party Set! Leave a comment telling us that  you "liked" all the pages.
3. {REQUIRED} Post about the Halloween Party Set Giveaway  in your status while TAGGING Madly Stylish Events. Come back here and comment that you did!

4. For an additional entry, subscribe to my blog, and leave a comment here telling me that you now follow Madly Stylish Events!

To make it super-easy for you, here our the links to our vendors' sites and Facebook pages!

Anders Ruff Custom Designs

Two Sugar Babies

Allyson Jane Couture Desserts

CupKate's Event Design

Edible Details

****Please leave a separate comment for each entry! In order to be chosen as the winner, you MUST leave your contact info. Please leave your email so that I have a way of contacting you if you are the winner.

You have three days to check out these shops and vendors.  The winner will be announced on Friday afternoon.  Now go check them out and get your party on!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Halloween: Martha Stewart Style

I'm just getting into the Halloween spirit and jut thought I'd share some fun decorating and treat ideas from the lovely Martha Stewart.  Her site is full of fun, mostly easy :), and super creative ideas for decorating and throwing a party.  Here are some my favorites but hope over to her site for lots more treats and details!

This super-cute tablecloth is made out of layered paper tablecloths and crepe paper!

I'm loving the stair decals and mice one are sure to spook!

Candy wreath....really simple to do!

I love the silver pumpkins with a touch of orange! Hum,  I wonder why:)?

what a cute and simple mini candy bar..perfect for a kids party!

Another great treat for a kids or grown-up party!

This is probably my these colors together!

Your kids will have a ball decorating these's also a great party activity!  These were mu girls' favorite...wonder if the donuts had anything to do with it!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Butterbeer for Halloween

Labor day makes the official end of summer....while I am sad to see summer go, I am excited by what the Fall will bring.  I've got a new website in the works, lots of parties to work on, and Halloween is around the corner.  I have to say that I was never a fan of Halloween until I met my husband.  I had no notion of the holiday until I was 10, when we moved to the United States.  My poor parents had no idea what all this celebration was about and could not understand why you'd dress in scary costumes and go around begging for candy!  So needless to say, there was not much Halloween partying going on in our house.  My husband was the opposite!  Halloween was an all out celebration at his house.  His mom made costumes for him and his three brothers.  I mean all out handmade, super creative should see the pictures.  What's more even his parents dressed up too.  So when we had kids my husband was super excited for Halloween and I was well, not really.  Fast forward 12 years later, and I get it.  My girls are all trying to decide what they want to be, what kind of candy we'll give and they'll get.  Whose house to avoid because "they don't give the good stuff out"!   We've got a lot to do!  We also have a circle dinner with our neighbors before taking the kids out to trick or treat.

This year, I thought I'd include this recipe for Butterbeer that I found while perusing Pinterest.  What else is knew:)?  Such a simple recipe and how cute does that look!  Those "little brooms" fit right in with your Halloween decor.

If you like ginger beer, cream soda, and butterscotch ice cream you're in for a treat.  If not, perfect time to try something new.    Let me know what you think.......

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Color, lots of color......On The Chandeliers!

It's a rainy Tuesday here but I thought I'd brighten your day with some color.  I am so crushing on these colorful chandeliers.  If you've got an old chandelier that you are a little tired of, then this is a great way to dress it up.  I would love one of these in my girls' bathroom.  So I am on the hunt at my local Goodwill and Thrift shops to see if I can find just the right chandelier to go paint happy on!