Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Class Party: Part 2

I'm going to pass n the next two activities from One Charming Party.  They have two more activities today but you can go on their site to see them.  I think these two are easy and fun to do!

courtesy of One Charming Party

Find your hear-mate will get your students up and about and also reinforce their math skills.  The equations can match their level in math. Your teacher is sure to love this one!  Pass out half of an equation to one child and have them walk around and find their heart mate.  Once they've found the correct match, they can sit down.

One Charming Party has made this super easy to make!  If you go their site and click on the picture above, you can download the blank hearts!

Another simple activity is the guesstimation.  Can you "guess" what the activity is?.....sorry, couldn't help it.

courtesy of One Charming Party

Fill three jars with various candies,  pass them around the room and have each students guess the number
of candy in each jar.  The person who guesses correctly gets to keep the jar of candy.  You can also go to their site and download their guesstimation sheet that you see above, right.  Can't get any easier!

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