Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doughnuts or Donuts: They've Gone Upscale!

I love doughnuts......especially fresh, warm sprinkled with some cinnamon sugar.  I don't like the fancy flavors or toppings, just glazed or sprinkled with some sugar.  Not only are they great with coffee and as a snack but also I think they make a great dessert.

I'm happy to report they have been making their appearance in the dessert category more and more.  Not to mention, donuts also make a great favors, who wouldn't want to go home with a warm donut!

mini donuts

Eat, Drink, Pretty

wedding dessert bar

coffee and donuts never looked so good!
I'm planning a milk and donut party for a little girl's birthday and love the idea of a dipping station!
Martha Stewart
Country Living

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