Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Butterbeer for Halloween

Labor day makes the official end of summer....while I am sad to see summer go, I am excited by what the Fall will bring.  I've got a new website in the works, lots of parties to work on, and Halloween is around the corner.  I have to say that I was never a fan of Halloween until I met my husband.  I had no notion of the holiday until I was 10, when we moved to the United States.  My poor parents had no idea what all this celebration was about and could not understand why you'd dress in scary costumes and go around begging for candy!  So needless to say, there was not much Halloween partying going on in our house.  My husband was the opposite!  Halloween was an all out celebration at his house.  His mom made costumes for him and his three brothers.  I mean all out handmade, super creative should see the pictures.  What's more even his parents dressed up too.  So when we had kids my husband was super excited for Halloween and I was well, not really.  Fast forward 12 years later, and I get it.  My girls are all trying to decide what they want to be, what kind of candy we'll give and they'll get.  Whose house to avoid because "they don't give the good stuff out"!   We've got a lot to do!  We also have a circle dinner with our neighbors before taking the kids out to trick or treat.

This year, I thought I'd include this recipe for Butterbeer that I found while perusing Pinterest.  What else is knew:)?  Such a simple recipe and how cute does that look!  Those "little brooms" fit right in with your Halloween decor.

If you like ginger beer, cream soda, and butterscotch ice cream you're in for a treat.  If not, perfect time to try something new.    Let me know what you think.......

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