Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eye Candy.......Cake Stands!

I am always looking for different vessels to for my dessert tables.....apothecary jars, bowls, cake stands, etc..  Cake stands are one of my favorite things, because they can take your cupcake or cake from nice to wow!!

When I discovered these cakes stands, it was love at first sight!  It is almost  a shame to just call them cakes stands, for they truly are works of art.  Clara French Ceramique makes these absolutely gorgeous cake stands.  These pieces are a little pricey, but Micaela Willis, the major talent behind Clara French, does offer a gift registry.  If you didn't get the stand you were coveting or want to use the cake stands just for a single event, they have a rental program!  A great option for a wedding, baby showers, or any madly stylish celebration (you know I had to throw that in).

Take a look....oh, and the cakes are not bad either!

I adore this piece.....this dessert plate, and their cake stands,can be personalized for your occasion.
this cupcake is even more enticing on this stand.....a lovely addition to a bridal shower!
Love yellow.....I'll take both the cake and the stand: makes me happy and hungry!

This cake made my heart skip a beat....so much so I had to find out who is responsible for this amazing creation......alas, it is Stardust Pastry in Dallas, TX.  A little too far for me :( !


  1. These pieces are just amazing...hope you find some inspiration for your wedding!