Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DC Inspiration: The Hive at 1511 & Sidra Forman

Today I thought I'd highlight some fabulous work being done right here in my backyard, DC!  I started following {the ritzy bee} and SIMPLESONG Design  independent of each other and soon realized that these creative mavens are part of the design studio The Hive at 1511.
The design divas of Ritzy Bee

 The Hive at 1511 King Street, is the studio offices of Kate Headley Photography, Ritzy Bee Events and SIMPLESONG Design.  Photography, event planning, and design studio all buzzing around and sharing a hive (couldn't help it!).  That's creative genius at work!

Some of SIMPLESONG's work
What's really cool is that they offer workshops to the general public like the art of letterpress, silk screen printing and using a digital SLR camera.  For those of you planning a wedding, check out "Tying the Knot on Your Final Wedding Details".  Seriously, where was this gem when I was going crazy over my wedding details!

You know how I love flowers...well, I'm registering for this workshop: Organic Flower Design with Sidra Forman.  So excited!  This woman is simply amazing.  I'm a big fan!

In The Hive's words, Sidra Forman works with flowers,

and food.

 She finds the best available seasonal ingredients and presents them in a straight forward manner that lets the raw materials speak for themselves. How could you not love her?! Sidra uses local products when available and sources ingredients that are produced, processed and transported in a sustainable manner. Oh, did I mention that she is helping build an urban farm at a DC school?  Yeah, and in her spare time she is also a mom!

But get this!  She is also well-known in the DC area for her Home Restaurant.   Never heard of it?  Well, that's because it is, literally, a restaurant out of her home (is there anything this woman does not do?!!).  She plans the menu, selects the food, wine, music an of course, flowers.

I'm on the lookout for the next set of dates, you can bet I'm going to try to get a reservation! Maybe I'll see you there!

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