Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Snacks for Class Parties

Halloween is almost synonymous with candy!  Given that,  I thought I'd put together an array of healthy snacks the kids can enjoy in between the sugar rush that they'll be experiencing!  So here goes:

Candy Corn Veggies with Ranch dip (pic via Pinterest)
Franks and Bolts (pic via
Juice box mummies

Apple bites

Spooky Smoothies

Mini caramel apples

these would be great for teacher's gifts! (via Pinterest)

this one does include a super cute owl cupcakes but I think the fruit kabobs and the spidery cheese and crackers make up for it!  (One Charming Party)

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  1. Love these ideas. Do you have a direct link to the parents page that shows the frank and bolts recipe. I can't find it on there anywhere. Thanks!