Monday, March 7, 2011

Madly Stylish Party: Oscar Themed Movie Night!

I am getting around to posting the pictures from my daughter's Oscar themed movie night party.  Last week was a crazy week with all three girls coming down with Strep and then I got it too!  CRAZY!!!!  So glad that week is over and we are starting a brand new one!  So here we go.....

I sent out an evite (yes, I do evites, especially for children's parties) to the birthday girl's 10 friends; as part of the evite I had them cast their vote for "best movie" and the movie that won was watched the night of the party.  If you're wondering, they saw Despicable Me!

The night of the party, I laid out a red carpet for the big entrance and took their pictures with a Polariod Instamatix (love it!) and they got to take the pics home.
I had lots of props like top hats, boas, sunglasses, etc for them to choose from.

bad boy walk!
fashion queen!
the birthday girl...diva of the night!
After much posing, they came in and started the night with evening's signature mocktail, Shirley Temples!

They loved it and even toasted the birthday girl....caught me so off guard didn't even have time to take a picture.  This was followed by a simple dinner menu of mac and cheese, grilled chicken, and fruit kabobs.

After dinner they watched the movie.  On their way down to the basement, they popped (couldn't help it :) over to the popcorn bar and chose among sweet-n-salty, 'mo cheddar, caramel, and plain popcorn.

Following the movie, we sang happy birthday to the birthday girl in both French and English!  She blew out the candles on her red velvet mini cake, we also served some devil's food and golden lemon cupcakes.  We had a small candy bar that they helped themselves to.  On their way out they received their personalized "swag bags" which had nail polish, body glitter, lanyards, erasers, bracelets, pencils, and bottle cap zip pulls with their initials.  I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of it all.

birthday girl insisted on that gold star behind the cake :)!

It was a fun party and the kids had so much fun.  They are still talking about it!  I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of some fabulous vendors.

Vendor Roll Call:
Madly Stylish Events:   Party styling and design, cake and cupcakes
Garnish:                       wooden disposable demi-tasse spoons, forks, spoons, and small ripple cup
Knot and Bow:            gold twine
Perideau Designs:        personalized swag (favor) bags
Dipped and Delicious:  chocolate dipped pretzels
For My Girls:               bottle cap zip pulls with initials
Sweeties by Kim:        red and gold chocolate dipped oreos
Two Sugar Babies:     Oscar and movie reel cupcake toppers
Sweet Petal Bakery:    sugar stars and sugar shooting stars on cake
Icing Designs:             place cards, thank you tags, and sweets banner

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  1. Oh - Wilmara! The party looked fabulous. I'm so glad Lilli was nominated to walk down the red carpet at Alexandria's Oscar Birthday Bash.
    Wendy - (not sure why it posted from Dan's account)