Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Easy Holiday Dessert: Snowy Meringue Drop Brownies

I found these on the Hostess with the Mostess Blog and had to share it with you!  Check out their site for lots of inspiration, no matter what party you're throwing this holiday season!

Throughout the next few weeks I'll be sharing some easy dessert recipes that you can use for your Holiday celebrations!  First up are these Snowy Meringue Drop Brownies.......look how easy they are to make!  My friend Katie makes the BEST brownies ever!!!  Seriously, I only eat her brownies.  Maybe if I tell her I'll make these for her, she'll make me a batch of brownies.
Simple ingredients....brownie bites (you can make them or just by them  from the store), powdered sugar, vanilla frosting, meringues ( just buy them from the store...I love the ones at Trader Joe's) shredded coconut and  a sifter.

Put the powdered sugar in your sifter and instant "snow" on the brownie bites
Add some frosting in a small zip-lock bag and snip a little opening and pipe some frosting unto the meringues

Add the meringue to the snowy brownie bites and........

Viola!.....Snowy Meringue Drop Brownies!!!!
Notice how the shredded coconut was used as a design element to serve as a "snowy" bed
**all pics courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess

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