Friday, December 10, 2010

Easy Holiday Dessert: Pink and White (or any color) Peppermint Bark

As promised, here is another easy Holiday Dessert!  This one is from the fabulous ladies, Melissa and Kellie, over at Icing Designs.  While you're there check out the rest of their site....such gorgeous stuff, especially if you like all things French, like I do!

They are getting ready for Kellie's daughter's 4th birthday party and shared this super easy peppermint bark recipe which I though I'd pass on to you!  I know, I know, thank me later when your guests are raving about it!

But seriously, how easy is this!  the best part is it can be almost any color you want it to be because melting chocolate comes in an array of colors. you can coordinate with your party colors!

So here it is......have fun and enjoy!

You need pink and white melting chocolate (or whatever color combination you'd like to use) and crushed up candy canes.

Line a half sheet pan with parchment paper and pour the pink melted chocolate on it, Melissa and Kelli recommend you shake the pan a bit and and gently bang it on the counter to release any air bubbles.  Take your melted white chocolate, put it in a piping bag and place large dots over the pink chocolate.  Then take a knife and swirl white into the pink.

Once that 's done, place your crushed candy canes on top and they will dry into the chocolate, and, viola!... a peppermint crust top.

You can wait until it's totally dry and break it into uneven pieces or.....

right before it dries completely, use a pizza cutter to make perfect squares like these!

Can't wait to make mine!  Thanks for sharing ladies and looking forward to seeing the pictures from the 4th birthday party!

**all pictures courtesy of Icing Designs

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