Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Readers & Celebrating Half Birthdays

Before I start today, I want to say that I am so giddy with excitement to know that my blog is truly being read and not just by my friends!  I was so busy last week that I did not get a chance to mention this....but last week, I got an email from a reader in California who was interested in a cake stand from one of my posts!!!  I was thrilled and honored to get this email....people are reading my blog!!!  So cool!!

Ok, back to my party feature is in celebration of a half birthday!  Now until I met the husband, I did not know anyone who celebrated a half birthday.  But my husband takes his birthday seriously, and those who know him can attest to that.  This man believes in the birthday month and  makes sure all his friends, co-workers, neighbors, you name it, know when his birthday is.  Just last week, he reminded a few of us that his half birthday was coming up.  So in honor of the husband, I'm featuring this sweet little party celebrating the half birthday.

The party was featured on Hip Hip Hooray , a fun little site that's all things kid's parties. They have several contributors, including the fabulous Amy Atlas.  If you not been on Amy Atlas's blog check it out...she is the  dessert table diva; with fresh ideas, creative displays and just madly stylish in general!

This little girl's birthday is the day after New Year's, so the tradition is to celebrate her half birthday instead!

Gotta love those tissue poms! These are by Martha Stewart for Wal-Mart!  Yes, that's right people, Martha Stewart at Wal-Mart.  Fabulous design at a very reasonable price!

This beautiful garden cake was made by Wuollet Bakery...if you live in Minnesota be sure to  check them out!
The DIY party activity is one of my favorites: fun and creative!
The half-birthday girl's friends made mini-books about themselves using Kolo albums. The mom, who is a photographer, took a picture of each child and printed them up on the computer for the cover.  They also took silly pictures with wigs and glasses for pictures to go in the book!   How cool is that!

I could not pass up the opportunity to highlight this festive tissue paper pom bouquet!  Again, from Martha Stewart for Wal-Mart!

Head on over to Hip Hip Hooray to see more lovely details from this party!

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  1. You are my inspiration sis! Happy to see you are paving the way, making dreams reality! I'm right behind ya!