Monday, February 14, 2011

Madly Stylish Party: Glam 1st Birthday!

Happy Valentine's Day!  We are starting the week with a lovely party feature!  A few weeks ago,  I helped a client, my sweet cousin,  plan a very special birthday party.....her daughter's first birthday!!!!   It was truly a joint effort as she lives in Miami and I am in Maryland.   I ordered everything we needed and mailed them to her.  Fabulous invites from Icing Deigns set the tone of what was to come.

She wanted a fun party with a little bling and lots of pink.  I think we achieved that!  See for yourself!

I worked with Cupcakes Nouveau in Miami to order the cupcakes for the party.  They were great!  If you live in the area, go have one of their cupcakes!  They also provided the stand that you see.  The flowers were bought at the Miami Flower Market and we assembled them together via Skype.  My client took pictures of all the vessels she had and emailed them to me.  I sketched out the table design and on the day of the party helped her set-up the table, again through Skype. The wonders of modern technology!

 I love how those white chocolate letters came out.  Sweeties by Kim never disappoints.  The birthday girl's name is Vivienne but they call her Vivi.  The chocolate letters were adorned with mini flowers in light pink and hot pink.  Those chocolate covered Oreos with the number 1 and the hot print zebra strips are also by Kim.

I think she did a great job with the flowers!

Cupcakes by Cupcakes how they use mini marshmallows to anchor their cupcakes!

I wish you could see these photo flags! The picture does not do it justice.  Can you see how the edge of the blanket sparkles! We used these photo flags to highlight Vivi's first year.

Pink peppermint marshmallows

sweet treats for the guest..

The treat bag were covered with sparkly silver alphabet letters and pink and purple sparkles....they were filled with pink M&Ms.

Vivi' smash cake...too pretty to smash, I think...her grandma made it!

The birthday girl's high chaired was draped with 2 hot pink boas and sparkly "kid-proof" necklaces.  I think she had a great time ;)!!
the birthday girl!  how cute is she.......


Cupcakes Nouveau:  cupcakes, cupcake stand
Sweeties by Kim: chocolate letters, chocolate covered oreo cookies
Icing Designs: invitations, frosted photo flags
Have It Sweet:  caramels, pink peppermint marshmallows
My Silly Bear: pink poms


  1. Thanks MSE! We LOVED this party and could not have pulled it off without you! xoxo Vivi's Mommy

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