Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Cookies and Birthday Gratitude

 Yesterday was my birthday! Yeah, me!!!  As you can see, it's been awhile since I posted.  Three children, one sick for the past week, then me sick; and still trying to work on my upcoming events, leaves little room for a blog post. But I persist.......I'm reminded of a saying that, ironically enough, I've seen several times in the past week....maybe the higher powers knew I needed to see it repeatedly.  Don't quote me on the exact words but in essence it says "reach for the sky and if you fall you'll land among stars".  So I keep reaching, because being among stars is not a bad place to be!

Speaking of stars, my neighbor came over with a little birthday present for me!  Love presents!  This was a winner all around in our house....I literally had to remind the girls that it was my birthday and my present :)!!

Ms. Lyda brought over the cutest cookies ever!  They were cookies in the shape of a cupcake, a birthday cake, and some button cookies.  Now I'll be honest with you, a lot of times these kind of cookies look good but don't often taste good! In fact, when we opened the button cookies, my 6 year old said "This smells like play-doh!".  So of course, I had to smell and  it did smell a little like play-doh. Hum....

But that didn't deter us from tasting and we did!!!  Boy, were we in for a surprise....they were delicious! These were some tasty sugar and almond cookies.  So good, we polished all of the button cookies!  The happy birthday cookie was shared by us all and disappeared pretty quickly.

So check out this not so little company, Bundles of Cookies in Bethesda, MD that makes all kinds of cookies for all kinds of occasions! I'm definitely using them!  Thanks, Lyda!

How cute is this cupcake cookie!!!
The button cookies we devoured!!
The birthday cake cookie that a little finger got to...as evidenced by the crack!

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